5 Steps to Detox your Closet

CIC 5 Stepts to Detox Your Closet

If getting your closet organized is on the top of your list, you are not alone. It’s all about the contents that take up space in your closet.  Keeping your clothes and accessories neat and tidy takes some effort, but the reward is far greater.  When your wardrobe is organized in a matter that works for you, mornings will be so much easier and picking out something to wear will be a breeze.

This week we are going to focus on 5 Steps to Detox Your Closet:

Step #1:  Remove Any Items You Cannot Wear

  • Clean out any items that you cannot physically wear from your closet.  Misc. items:  games, wrapping paper, children’s toys, etc.  These items are taking up precious real estate in your closet.

Step #2:  Purge Mismatched Hangers

  • Replace mismatched hangers with matching ones. The overall look and feel of your closet will improve.
  • Purge wire hangers.  They can ruin your clothes and do not serve much of any purpose.  If you still have dry cleaning bags on your clothes – remove these in a well ventilated area and purge the bags.  Some dry cleaners do offer a discount if you bring back your wire hangers.
  • Purge Tubular hangers.  While these are a step up from wire hangers, these can cause pucker marks on your clothes.  Recycle these and use them in a coat closet or have them set aside if you have overnight guests.

—> Tip:  Replace your wire and tubular hangers with Slimline Hangers.  These are narrow,  light weight, clothes stay put, and they are attractive.

Step #3:  Remove One-Hit-Wonders From Your Closet

  • What are one-hit-wonders you ask?  Your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, halloween costumes, etc.  More than likely, you will not be wearing these items anytime soon.  Store your wedding dress in a canvas bag or have it preserved.  If you happen to love your bridesmaid dress(es), you could have it made shorter or re-purpose it.  Otherwise, donate/ consign it, and say goodbye.  Same idea with your halloween costumes. Store them in a box and label them or donate, and remove them from your closet.

Step #4:  Analyze Your Space

  • Assess your space to see if it is working best for you.  The goal is to have a closet that provides function and is also manageable.
  • Make a list of items that you may need to add to your closet. (Bins, Baskets, plastic containers, hangers, shelves, etc.)
  • See if you have any of these items stored away in another room of your home.

Step #5:  Deep Clean Your Closet

  • Empty the contents of your closet and give it a good cleaning.
  • Dust shelves, wipe down containers (bins & baskets), clean your shelving rods, and get into the corners to attack cobwebs/dust bunnies with a vacuum.
  • Now is the perfect time to give it a fresh coat of paint – if it needs it!

Next week we will look at the contents of your closet – your clothes and accessories.

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