5 Questions to Assess Your Wardrobe

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Are you holding on to clothes that you don’t wear?  There are a ton of reasons why we all struggle with letting go of things (our clothes). Trust me when I say that you will feel a tremendous weight lifted when you set them free.

Having a well-edited wardrobe means that everything fits you, flatters your figure, works for your lifestyle, and makes you feel fabulous! Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  That stands to reason you might have a closet filled with clothes that are just collecting dust and not getting worn.

During Week 2 of The Closet Cleanse & Wardrobe Refresh, we are going to focus on 5 Questions to Assess Your Wardrobe (clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry).  Stand in front of a full length mirror and ask yourself:


Question #1:  Does the item fit me properly? More importantly – does it fit me NOW?

  • Be honest and if it is a size or two (or more) too small or too big, remove it from your wearable closet.  Store it in another closet or donate/consign the items.  If you can’t wear it, there is no sense starring at it every morning.  If it needs some minor alterations, set it aside and place it in an alteration pile.  Then take it to a Tailor within the next week.


Question #2:  Does the garment flatter my figure?

  • If the item doesn’t work with your chest, tummy, arms, or legs, it needs to go bye bye.  Our bodies go through changes and our wardrobes need to reflect those changes.


Question #3:  Is the color flattering?

  • Does the color flatter your skin tone, eye color and hair color.  When colors flatter you, your skin will look more radiant, glowing, and healthy.


Question #4:  Does the item work with your current lifestyle (work/personal)?

  • Recognize if any items in your wardrobe represent the past – college, career change, maternity clothes, etc.  Remove and recycle anything that does not provide function for your life today.


Question #5:  Is it fabulous or boring?

  • This is an easy one.  As soon as you slip it on, how does it make you feel?   If you feel fabulous, it’s a keeper.  If you look at yourself in the mirror and feel – blah, say goodbye.


Does the thought of going through your wardrobe make you cringe?  It can be time consuming and overwhelming.  Let me help you make the process painless and even fun!  You can read more about the Wardrobe Audit service here:   The Foundation Package.  Contact us for more information and to schedule your session!

Next week we will walk you through tips to get your wardrobe organized!


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