You're a Busy CEO!

You already have a million things on your mind and stressing about what to wear shouldn’t be one of them.

Is Your Wardrobe a Source of
Excitement or Frustration?

How you’re dressed shouldn’t affect how you’re treated, the opportunities you’re offered, or the way you’re perceived by others.  Yet, it does.  This unfortunate truth can make choosing what to wear in the morning a difficult decision and a source of frustration and stress. 

I know that you want to be a put-together executive and, in order to do that, you need an image that exudes confidence.  However, there’s a big underlying problem:  your wardrobe doesn’t match your high status, your goals, or your lifestyle.  If you feel stressed and like you have no time when it comes to choosing outfits to wear, just know that getting dressed shouldn’t be this hard!


How I Help

I know what it’s like to have an overstuffed wardrobe and not enough time to get your image put together because of all that’s going on in your life.  From working all day, board meetings, galas and events, to school functions, and even vacations – you have a lot on your plate.  This is exactly why hundreds of female entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals, have trusted me to rebuild their wardrobes and give them back their time, money, and confidence.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. You’ll schedule a consultation.
  2. We’ll work together through the transformative Wardrobe Refresh process.
  3. You’ll feel confident and put together every time you walk into work, an event, and beyond!

To get started, schedule a consultation with me!  During our initial call, we’ll discuss your goals with your style, and I’ll take you behind the scenes of my signature process, the Wardrobe Refresh.  I’ll also answer any questions and we’ll see if we are a good fit for one another. 

How I Help


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