Your White Jean Guide for Summer

Your White Jean Guide for Summer

White jeans are in a clothing category all to themselves. If you have worked with me, you know how much I LOVE them. Why? They can be worn year round, they’re just as functional as your blue jeans, and I feel a lot more fun to dress up and wear in summer!

For those that prefer to not wear their white jeans year round, now is the perfect time to pull them out or purchase a new pair. They are a sign of warm weather and fun times; a classic that won’t ever go out of style; and a wardrobe staple with all kinds of uses. Going to a party? Dress up your white jeans! Touring around town this weekend? Grab your white jeans! Planning a weekend getaway? Pack your white jeans! Your white jean guide for summer will give you 10 tips and ideas how you can add them into your outfit rotation.


Your White Jean Guide for Summer

1.  White jeans need to be made of thicker cotton than most summer cotton pants. If they are too thin, your skin texture or undergarments will show through to the outside.

2.  White jeans shouldn’t be as tight as your indigo jeans. You’ll look thinner and trimmer if there’s a little room to move in them.

3.  An ankle length white jean is casual and fun with flats, sandals or a cute tennis shoe. If your white jeans are full length, consider rolling them up to get this modern look.

4.  Nothing is more 4th of July or backyard barbeque-appropriate than white jeans worn with a fun blue or red top.

5.  Bright colors are great when teamed with white jeans: try orange, lime, raspberry blue, or grape.

6.  Neutral shades are glamorous with white jeans. Try these combinations: black/white; navy/white; beige/white.

7.  An army camouflage jacket, linen jacket, baseball jacket, or a blazer in sky blue, pink, or navy are all great pairings with white jeans.

8.  A great way to dress up white jeans is with a fun strappy heel. Throw on an off the shoulder top, dangling earrings, and you’re ready for a night out.

9.  Wear a chambray button-up shirt with white ankle jeans and white tennis shoes for a great put together look to peruse the farmers market or run Saturday errands.

10.  A silk colorful patterned blouse, white jeans, big sunglasses and ankle strap sandals are great for a Sunday brunch.

What’s your favorite way to wear your white jeans in summer?

Comment below, I’d love to hear!

I’ve been having fun helping clients find flattering white jeans for them this season and pulling outfits together for all their summer events and outings.  If you need assistance, please let me know!

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