12 Closet Care Tips to Refresh Your Wardrobe

12 Closet Care Tips to Refresh Your Wardrobe

12 Closet Care Tips to Refresh Your Wardrobe

This is the perfect time of year to tackle some closet chores, as we welcome spring with big open arms! We typically start our days picking out something to wear and these guidelines will help minimize frustration that comes with a packed and unorganized space.

These closet care tips to refresh your wardrobe will ensure you start your morning stress-free!


1.  Schedule time on your calendar for your wardrobe edit. Block off 2-3 hours of time.  You might need more time based on the number of closets.

2.  Hold off purchasing any items for your closet. Analyze your space and see what’s working and if you need any items to improve your space once it’s edited.

3.  Remove any items of clothing that are one size up or down from what you are currently wearing.

4.  Remove pieces that are worn or damaged. Review your shoes, tops, pants, jackets, coats, and dresses. Then go through your scarves, jewelry, underwear, and pajamas.

5.  Remove anything that was handed down to you or gifted to you that doesn’t fit you or suit your style.

6.  Find a new home for anything you cannot wear on a daily/weekly basis – kids clothes, games/toys, wrapping paper, wedding dress, Halloween costumes, etc.

7.  Give your remaining clothes the love test. This is my favorite one, and it’s an easy one.  As soon as you slip it on, how does it make you feel?   If you feel fabulous, it’s a keeper.  If you look at yourself in the mirror and feel – blah, say goodbye.

8.  Everything that you have removed from your closet, bag it up, and take it to your favorite charity or consignment store. If you are local, check out Divine Consign.

9.  Now that you have edited your wardrobe, assess your closet to see if you need any essentials for storage and organization. You might have these items in another room in your house or make a list and head to the store.

10.  Move the “keepers” from your closet (to a rolling rack, your bed, or an area in your bedroom) and give your space a nice deep cleaning. Your closet will be so much more inviting once you put everything back.

11.  Make your closet appealing with proper lighting, a full length mirror, a rug, and if needed – a fresh coat of paint.

12.  Organize your pieces back into your closet. Put similar items together so they are easier to see and grab. You can organize by type, style, and then color from light to dark.  Pick a system that works for you and that you can maintain!

Have you used these closet care tips to refresh your wardrobe for spring/summer?  Teamwork makes this less stressful and more fun. I can’t wait to help!


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