Maximizing Your Professional Presence

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A well-put together image (from your hair to your shoes) is essential for getting the authority and respect you deserve.  A great image can be broken down into small steps that are within your ability and budget to make happen.

A poorly chosen outfit says: It sends a non-verbal message of carelessness. A wrinkled shirt, a stained pant, a pant hem that is too short or too long – these can draw negative attention about you. It also projects doubt about how much you really care about work or the company you work for.

A put-together outfit says: You pay attention to details. Looking sharp earns you positive attention from people at work and people who interface with the company.

Consider these small investments to enhance your image and confidence:

  1. TAILOR – An essential person that I consider my “best friend”.  A good tailor can make your clothes look as if they were custom made for you.
  2. COBBLER – A good shoe repairperson can provide upkeep for your shoes and repairs for all your leather items.
  3. JACKET – A great jacket that works with most outfits.  Make sure the fit is impeccable.
  4. MANICURE – Manicured fingernails is an inexpensive service that can improve your handshake.  Guys, this applies to you as well.
  5. HAIR STYLE – Is it time to get your hair styled rather than trimmed?  A great new hair product is a fabulous add-on when you learn how to use it.
  6. SKIN CARE – A skin care regimen doesn’t take a lot of time and the results make you look more welcoming.
  7. FACIAL HAIR – If you have facial hair, make sure it is well-groomed (this includes your eyebrows).  This will assure others that you are someone who pays attention to details.

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