Fashion Numbers for May

 CIC half fashion numbers

Spend an afternoon creating outfits from your closet.  Focus on putting together head to toe outfits.  Take pictures of each outfit. After this you can look forward to getting ready in HALF the time.


CIC one nightgown

Does your lingerie need restocking?  ONE nightgown isn’t enough. Have fun with your lingerie choices and look for options that match your personal style.


CIC two personal days

When it comes to personal days, TWO is better than one.  Get inspired by going wind0w-shopping in stores you normally would not venture into, visit a museum, go to your favorite local bookstore and browse the fashion section.


CIC three elements

THREE elements for an everyday look:  Accessories, a put together outfit, and a smile.  This is a trifecta of a fashion statement.


CIC four outfits

There are at least FOUR outfits you can make using your favorite pant or skirt. Take out your favorite bottom piece and pair it with different tops, blouses, and jackets.


CIC five compliments

Give out FIVE compliments per week.  Think about how you feel when you receive a compliment. Genuine compliments will make another person’s day and make you aware of the people around you.


CIC six flaws

Fix SIX flaws in your wardrobe.  Think about your clothing items that need alterations and missing items that are needed to complete an outfit for an event or vacation.  Make a list of your six fixes and plan a day to complete them.


CIC seven leather

Proudly wear your leather goods SEVEN days a week when they’re in great repair. Take a look at your favorite handbags, shoes, boots, and belts. Could they benefit from some extra care and attention?  Most shoe repair professionals can remove scuffs or scratches, replace worn out heels or soles on shoes, refurbish handbag handles, mend or replace the lining in leather handbags, and repair your belts.


CIC eight purge

Clear the clutter and let go of EIGHT or more items from your wardrobe.  Most people tend to wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.  Discover what doesn’t fit or flatter you when you try on those clothes you’ve been ignoring. Make your closet a clutter-free zone and getting ready in the morning will be so much easier!


CIC nines dressed

Get dressed to the NINES…just because!  Not only that, but add nine more minutes to your daily routine.   You’ll enjoy the feeling of confidence that comes with taking the time to care for yourself.


CIC Ten fashion math

Dial my TEN-digit number if this fashion math doesn’t compute. I’m happy to help you with your image, style and wardrobe needs so you can enjoy the results of wearing great outfits that fit, flatter and make you feel fabulous every day!  Just read what some of my clients have said here.  You’ll be amazed at the results!

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