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Whether you like it or not, your clothes speak before you even open your mouth.  Your clothes can send messages that might not be representing the truth about you.  The non-verbal communication that goes on regarding your appearance is being transmitted all the time.  When your clothes fit you, flatter you, and express your personal style, people will be drawn in and want to know more about you.

Here are some tips to help you stay in control of what your image is saying about you:


I talk A LOT about the importance of how clothes fit.  It’s a big topic that I could go on and on about.

Make sure the sleeves on your shirt/blouse and jacket are the appropriate length.  This also applies to your pant legs.  If your pants are dragging on the floor or the hem is undone, a quick short-term fix is double stick tape.  Make sure you take them to a tailor ASAP, and bring the appropriate shoes that you will be wearing with them.

The flip side is when clothes are too tight around your middle.  The overall look will come across that you are uncomfortable.  When you put on your pants, skirts, or tops, do a check and see if you can bend and sit down without feeling like you are going to pop a seam or button.

It’s hard to assess fit by yourself.  Someone with a professional eye can help you with these assessments.  I’d be happy to assist!


This is a controversial topic with a wide range of opinions.  Last week on Facebook I asked this question:  What does age appropriate dressing mean to you?  Is it overrated?   I loved this response:  Dressing for where you currently are in life and the image you want to project.

When you leave one chapter of your life and enter another, your wardrobe needs to follow and support the transition. That doesn’t, necessarily, mean you can’t wear trends or a bikini once you reach a certain age, but it is important to wear clothes that flatter your body type and are situationally appropriate.


Wear colors that compliment your complexion, hair, and eyes.  Wearing the right colors will make you look younger, vibrant, lift your features, and brighten your skin tone.

Think about the colors that you are drawn to and how they make you feel when you wear them.  Clothes in muted colors can look gorgeous on some people, but if you are not someone who lights up when you wear dove grey, this color could make you look sickly or invisible.

Too many colors worn at once can make someone think you are wearing a costume, not an outfit.  You want to create a connection and not have your clothes create a spectacle for you.


Personal style requires updating to avoid getting lost in a decade.  What you wear offers clues about you.  If your closet looks like it’s straight out of the early 90’s, the message you’re sending is that you are out of date with your self.  This can translate into other parts of your life as well.

With a few adjustments to your wardrobe, you can be in clothes that fit, flatter, and make you feel your best!

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