Finding Comfort in Your Clothes

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What is the first thing you want to do after you get home from a long day?  For most, they walk in the door and change into something more comfortable.  That might mean sweats, baggy clothes, pajamas, and no bra.  Finally, nothing is rubbing you the wrong way, pinching your skin, or binding.

Here are a few ways to to get comfortable in your clothes and they are easier than you may think:


Everything has a label or two, and many times they irritate your skin.  Utilize a seam ripper to remove the label, it will provide less irritation than just cutting the label off.  You want to make sure you are removing the entire label.  If you are removing the care instructions you could staple it to an index card, and keep it in your laundry room.


When it comes to clothing, the size on a label is just a number. Comfort and fit is what is most important.  Comfort could be one size away!  Some people have multiple sizes in their closets because their weight fluctuates.  Other people may maintain their same weight, but they may carry it differently as years go by, and clothes may feel tight in certain areas.   One small fix would be to go up or even down a size.  Size is not a surname.  You can change it whenever you need to!

Shoe sizes can change, too.  Personally, I can fluctuate from anywhere to a half size down to a full size up, depending on the brand.  Don’t forget to consider the width of the shoe the next time you shop as well.

If you haven’t updated your underwear size since high school, you may want to re-evaluate.  Most people are wearing underwear in sizes that have not been updated in years.  Consider having a couple different style options as well.  This will come in handy depending on the clothing that you are wearing.


It is amazing how great your clothes look on you when you are wearing the correct bra size and style.  So many women are walking around in discomfort for one or more reasons related to their bra.  Yearly bra fittings are recommended.  Your bra and cup size could be very different, since the last time you were fitted.  The better the fit, the more comfortable you will be.


When I say stretchy fabrics, I’m not suggesting your favorite yoga pants.  These are meant for working out or for actually doing yoga.  Look for Spandex or Lycra in the fiber content label.  A small percentage of Spandex in pants and shirts will allow for a flattering fit and increased comfort level.

By making one or two slight changes in your day-to-day wardrobe, you can have a new level of comfort!


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