How to Find Your Signature Style

How to Find Your Signature Style

How to Find Your Signature Style

Developing your signature style is a way to express your individuality and feel empowered. When you express yourself through clothes, accessories, and colors that are in line with your inner self, it helps you feel good and look good. Not to mention, the elevated confidence that comes with dressing in a manner that suits you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What does my personal style say about me?
  2. Am I projecting the image I want to portray with the clothes I wear?
  3. What message is my image communicating about me?
  4. Am I being perceived accurately?

I’ve included some tips and a little homework as a guide to help you find your signature style.


Some Things to Think About

Take a few minutes and write down the following items:

  • Taste: What are you drawn to in clothes? (Solids, patterns, mixing prints/patterns, textures, silhouettes) And the flipside, what would you never, ever wear?
  • Lifestyle: What does your lifestyle look like?
  • Interests/Hobbies: What activities do you enjoy outside of work?
  • Goals: What goals do you have for your life (personal and professional)?

Take a trip to your closet and review what you wrote and see if you see a pattern. Are they in alignment? If not, write down the additions or changes you need to make to your wardrobe. This will be helpful when you head out shopping.

Choose a Few Descriptive Words

Write down words that describe your personality.

For example – Trustworthy, Organized, Efficient, Gentle, and Nurturing.

Now look at the clothes you are wearing. Do these words match up with the message your clothing is saying about you? If not, what words describe the message they are sending?

Identify What’s Working

Pick out five of your favorite head to toe outfits. How would you describe them? Choose a few words that describe the overall look – classic, feminine, masculine, dramatic, etc.

  • Note what’s flattering on you.
  • Note the brands and silhouettes.
  • Note your jewelry/accessory style – sometimes this is different than your overall clothing style.

Look back at the words that describe your personality. Do these words match up with the outfits you picked out and the words that describe the style?  Do you see a pattern?

Provided your five favorite outfits are not workout attire (unless you are a personal trainer/workout instructor), you should see a pattern that is fairly consistent. If not, it’s time to do a wardrobe audit and go through all the contents of your closet. Again, make a list of items you need based on the signature style you are looking to achieve.

Pick Your Colors

Wear colors that compliment your complexion. Your favorite colors can be a strong indicator of your personal style, which could be tied to the colors that look good on you.

  • (Classic) – Neutrals: Black, white, gray. Monochromatic outfit ensembles. Maybe a subtle pop of color to add some interest.
  • (Trendy) – Bold colors, black with different textures, fun and trendy colors.
  • (Bold/Dramatic) – Authoritative colors and color blocking.
  • (Boho/Natural/Sporty/Relaxed) – Neutrals, soft and delicate colors, along with black and white, earthy colors.
  • (Romantic/Feminine) – Pastels and soft colors.
  • (Creative/Bold/Dramatic) – Mixing bold colors.

Create a Mood Board

It’s time to pull out your magazines, scissors, tape, and a large piece of paper.

Magazine Exercise: Cut out images from catalogs and magazines that you are drawn to (that you would wear) – think about the colors, design, structure, patterns, etc.  Include outfits, individual clothing items, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Lay out your clippings and see if there is a theme few with the images you have chosen.

Take your mood board back to your closet and look at your wardrobe and see if these items are present.  If not, write down items you might need to create the look (signature style) you want to achieve.  Now you have a list and a plan for the next time you head out shopping.

Pinterest is another great tool to use to create a style inspiration board (it can even be a “secret” board). Pin images and outfits that you like/would wear, and then write down the elements that they have in common.  Chances are you will see another theme here with characteristics that you relate to and that make you feel comfortable wearing.  You can check out the style boards I have on Pinterest here (style boards for both women and men).

Trust your instincts and stick with flattering colors and shapes that suit you. The single most important thing to remember when you are developing and tweaking your signature style is to be true to yourself.

What tips have helped you develop your signature style?

Do you need help with finding and developing your signature style?  Check out my styling packages here or email me ( to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone call to get started!

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  1. Recently, my mom told us she wants to change the way she looks to help her get a fresh start. My mom’s going shopping in a couple of days, so I’m positive that she’d love to read your guide about finding your signature style. Thanks for explaining how we’d find colors that compliment our complexion.

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