4 Easy Wardrobe Updates

4 Easy Wardrobe Updates


4 Easy Wardrobe Updates

I’m sharing some easy wardrobe updates you can make with your clothes.   While some might only take you a few minutes, others might involve updating and purchasing one or more items the next time you are out shopping.


Mix and Match Patterns

The key to remember when print/pattern mixing is not what matches, but rather, what pairs well. You can read some tips in this blog post, 4 Ways to Mix and Match Patterns.

Adding patterns to your outfit is one way to add visual interest. Mixing your patterns will take your outfit to the next level.  It also allows you to maximize your outfit combinations and have fun!


  • Mix small and large scale prints.
  • Let a pattern peak out, so it’s not overwhelming.
  • Break up your patterned outfit with a solid belt.
  • Graphic prints always play well together.
  • Mix two similar prints.
  • Mix black and white prints.
  • Combine inverse colors for your patterns.
  • Space the patterns out.
  • Include neutrals in your outfit.
  • Add texture with your patterns.

Reinvent Your Clothes

Sometimes all you need to freshen up an old favorite and make it modern and current again, is a simple alteration. A tailor can do just about anything. Here are just a few ideas if you are considering a change to a new or an old favorite clothing item:


  • Add a zipper to a dress that you have difficulty slipping over your head.
  • Change the neckline of a top.
  • Switch out and update the buttons on a jacket, blazer, cardigan, or suit coat.
  • Take an aline skirt and turn it into a pencil skirt.
  • Take up the hem on a long skirt or long dress.

Try a Belt

Belts are a functional accessory that can transform your entire wardrobe. Let’s not think of them as just holding your pants up. (A tailor can help ensure your pants don’t fall down.) Belts can add color, texture, style, define your waist, and provide a finishing touch to your outfit.  Before you head out and purchase a new one, look in your closet and see what you have, and then start incorporating a belt with your outfits.

Upgrade Your Staples

There’s a good chance that many of your staples have seen better days (such as pit stains, pills, wine stains, scuff marks).  First take a look at your t-shirts, finer knits, socks, and nylons/tights. Replace any items that are see-through, too short (been through the dryer a ton of times), stretched out, or have holes. Look at the workhorse items in your closet. You know those items that get worn and used on a regular, if not daily basis. A few suggestions to check – black heels, dress shoes, black dress pants, and coats. Updating your staples will instantly refresh your wardrobe.

Take a few minutes to look at your wardrobe and implement one or two of these tips.  These easy wardrobe updates will help you refresh your wardrobe and also create some new outfit creations!

What easy wardrobe updates have you made recently?

Leave your wardrobe update tips below.

Do you need help with your wardrobe updates? Check out my styling packages here or email me (leann@conwayimageconsulting.com) to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone call to get started!


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