5 Tips for Dressing Confidently

5 Tips for Dressing Confidently, #confidence #professionalwomen #dresswithconfidence #imagematters


Dressing confidently isn’t about the latest trends; it’s about understanding what works for you, wearing what you love, and embracing your body.

Think about the last time you wore something and felt confident when you stepped out the door.  Hopefully, this was today. More than likely, you received compliments, and you were standing taller.  What were you wearing?

The key is to take that knowledge, and make it an every day thing for yourself!

I’m sharing 5 Tips for Dressing Confidently, whether it’s for work, the weekend, or on vacation.

5 Tips for Dressing Confidently


Self-Confidence is the Best Outfit. 5 Tips to Dress Confidently. Conway Image Consulting, www.ConwayImageConsulting.com, #ownyourstyle, #dressconfidently #polishedimage


There’s a science and an art to dressing yourself and being true to you.  Let’s focus on the science part.

It’s important to understand what silhouettes flatter your shape.  And, keep in mind that you have two body shapes, horizontal and vertical.

Your body shape tells you:

  • Where to use horizontal lines to balance.
  • How to use vertical lines to lengthen.
  • Where to put the detail and interest.
  • Where to keep it boring/no detail.

Once you understand how to dress your body, it will make mornings so much easier.



Regardless of the size on the tag, wear clothing that fits your figure.  You might need to go up or down a size to make it feel comfortable.

If your clothes are too tight, it can highlight an area you don’t like.  The same thing applies if they’re too loose.  Wearing clothes that are too big can overwhelm your body or look like your frumpy.

If one area needs some adjusting, such as the waist or the length, tailoring can be done. A tailor is your best friend.  Trust me on this!


When you wear your best colors (near your face), you look more vibrant, younger (if you’re going for that), and healthier.  Wearing the wrong colors near your face can make you look tired and washed out.

Has someone ever asked you if you were sick, when you felt great?  More than likely this was because of the color(s) you were wearing.

First look at colors that flatter your skin tone, and then factor in the color of your hair and your eye color.  And, if the color doesn’t look great near your face – wear it in an accessory, shoe, on your lower half, or in a pattern.

Wear Your Best Colors Near Your Face, 5 Tips to Dress Confidently, #coloranalysis #colortips #conwayimageconsulting



Developing your personal style is a way to express your individuality and to be feel empowered.  Expressing yourself through clothes, accessories, and color is an important aspect of feeling and looking good.  This all leads to boosting your self-confidence.

Creating your own personal style is like building your own brand.  The clothes you wear say a lot about your personality and lifestyle.

Take into account styles you love, what you’re drawn to, and what matches the image you want to portray.



Take a few extra minutes the night before or on Sunday to pick out your outfit(s).  It will save you so much time and stress in the morning.

  • Pull out your head-to-toe outfit.  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and undergarments.
  • Check for missing buttons, loose threads, animal hair, undone hems, etc.
  • Bonus points if you try the outfit on – make sure it fits you and you feel fabulous!
  • Steam or Iron your clothes so they are ready to go.

These five tips will help ensure that you walk out the door feeling and looking confident!


What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to dressing confidently?

If you’re unsure what styles and silhouettes are best for your body shape, colors that make you look vibrant, overwhelmed by an overstuffed closet, or how to maximize what you own so you feel confident and put-together, I’m here to help.

Schedule a Consultation today!  During this complimentary phone consultation, we’ll talk about your frustrations, needs, and goals as it relates to your image, style, and wardrobe.   Let me make the process easy and give you one less thing to worry about!

5 Tips for Dressing Confidently, www.ConwayImageConsulting.com, #wearwhatyoulove #workweartips #dressingconfidently


*Photography by: Laurelyn Savannah / My Brand Photographer


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