New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration

5 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

5 New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

I’m not sure where this year went. Do you feel the same way? With New Year’s Eve right around the corner (actually tomorrow), it’s time to think about what you’ll be wearing. That is if you haven’t pulled something out already. I have a few New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for you.

Where will you be for the countdown? Whether you are at a gala, intimate party, or staying in with your family, wear something that makes you feel fabulous.

I’ve got you covered with five new year’s eve outfit ideas, whether you are going for a casual or dressed up look.

5 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea: SEQUINS

Nothing says festive quite like sequins. If you reserve your sequined items for December, and more specifically, NYE – now is the time to pull them out.

STYLE TIPS: A sequined dress is elegant, fun, and fabulous. If this is not your thing, pair a sequined top with a black Ponte knit pant or wide legged black pants, add your favorite strappy heels, and some festive jewels.

Sequin New Year's Eve Outfit

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea: BLACK

Black clothing, especially when you mix textures, is a sophisticated choice. Especially, if you wear color a lot and want to mix things up.

STYLE TIPS: Pull out your black clothing items, shoes, and accessories. See how you can mix different textures – cashmere, lace, faux fur, leather, and sequins are a few ideas.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea: JUMPSUIT

Jumpsuits have been popular for awhile now. They sometimes get a bad rap because it can be a bit difficult when you need to use the restroom. Enlist a buddy or have a strategy if you plan on wearing one.

STYLE TIPS: A jumpsuit can be dressed up or down and take on a completely different look if you choose to add a third layer. This might be a faux fur cropped jacket or a leather moto jacket. Add some shine with a bold necklace or statement earrings.

5 New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea: DENIM

If you are planning on heading out for a late lunch, early dinner celebration, or a casual party with friends, jeans are a great idea.

STYLE TIPS: Take your jeans to the next level and pair it with a colored blazer or moto jacket. Add some color, and texture with your shoes and accessories.

5 New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea: CASUAL

Casual and comfy doesn’t mean you can’t look pulled together. If you’re planning on going to a movie, staying in and watching one, or have a family game night planned – this is the perfect outfit combination.

STYLE TIPS: Ponte pants or leggings paired with your favorite patterned cardigan is a recipe for comfort. Add a long pendant necklace to pull it all together.

5 New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

What are your plans this NYE? What will you be wearing to ring in the new year?

Wishing you a safe and stylish NYE! And, a new year filled with good health, lots of happiness, many laughs, more ups than downs, and one that is stylish – the kind that makes you feel confident, put together, and fabulous! CHEERS!

Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve

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