Your Wardrobe Needs You Midseason

Your Wardrobe Needs You Midseason

It’s time to take stock in how your wardrobe is doing. You probably spend quality time with your wardrobe at the beginning of a new season. Now that summer activities are in full swing, along with a busy professional schedule your wardrobe might be feeling a bit neglected.

When was the last time you said, “I don’t have anything to wear.”  Two months ago you were thrilled; now you’re bored with your work wardrobe, and you wear the same thing every weekend. What happened? Your wardrobe needs you midseason, and I’ll give you some areas to address to get your wardrobe back on track!



Take note of that pile of dry cleaning or hand washing that’s been collecting in your closet, the ones you never get around to taking care of. Don’t wait until the end of the season to take care of these, you’ll be upset that you missed out on wearing all those great pieces.


Belts are a key component to many well-put-together outfits. A wardrobe is not operating at maximum capacity if you can’t add them to your outfit.  They might be too big and still in good shape. A leather repair professional can get them resized and back to working order. And, if they’re too worn out, you need to shop for replacements. Once you take care of this detail, it will feel like you have twenty new outfits to wear.


Maybe at the beginning of this season, you thought you had the purses and handbags you needed. Take a look; are they holding up? Ink spots, scuffs, or a tear on a handle might be keeping you from completing your look. Here’s another opportunity to get a professional to bring them back into service. And, if they’re too worn or not repairable, it’s time to get rid of them. Consider adding to your handbag wardrobe so that you can have more options to compliment your looks.


Is this happening to you? Your outfit’s almost complete until it gets to the accessories. Tend to broken clasps, a necklace that needs an extender, or a go-to bracelet that lost a few stones.  These are small fixes that are keeping you from great joy. Accessories are key to creating outfits you love. Don’t make it hard to get dressed. Take care of these fixes this week so you can enjoy them all season long.


You plan on wearing a great summer outfit and then the temperature drops 10 degrees. The weather hasn’t been as predictable as you thought and you need more layers for sudden changes. You’re missing that lightweight jean jacket, a linen casual blazer, that dressy cardigan, or that shawl or kimono that would make your outfits just right. Shop with a sole purpose of getting options for that third layer. That way you’ll be able to wear anything that’s in your closet at any time.

If you tend to your wardrobe’s needs midseason, you’ll avoid that “I don’t have anything to wear” meltdown and get the most enjoyment out of your clothes.

How are you feeling about your work to weekend

wardrobe this midseason?

Wearing the same few outfits over and over again with an overstuffed closet?  Are you stressed out when it comes to getting dressed?  Does your image match your high status/position?  Together we can develop a style and image that reflects who you are and your lifestyle, and allows ease and simplicity in getting ready every day! Schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking here. 






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