When to Let Go of Clutter

When to Let Go of Clutter

When to Let Go of Clutter, Guidelines as You Edit Your Wardrobe, Conway Image Consulting, www.ConwayImageConsulting.com, #wardrobeedit #cleartheclutter #conwayimageconsulting #imageconsulting

Cleaning out and editing your closet is something I recommend at a minimum twice a year.  Let’s face it; knowing when to let go of clutter is hard for most of us.  It can be overwhelming if you’re faced with an overstuffed closet. And, taking the time to go through the contents of your wardrobe is not always top on the list. Think about the benefits of doing this.  You’ll look inside your closet and know that anything you pull out to wear will suit your style, fit you, and work for your lifestyle.

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So, why is this so hard? Because unless you are regularly going through your wardrobe, there are clothes in your closet that don’t suit you any longer.  We have memories and stories attached to clothes. We have guilt about the money we spent and then not wearing what we purchased.

You are not alone!  I’ve been in hundreds of clients closets in-person and virtually over the past ten years.  After a wardrobe audit with a client, they always feel so much better.  Mental and physical space is freed.  And, a renewed sense of their image, style, and goals is front and center.

When to Let Go of Clutter

Here are ten guidelines for when to let go of clutter that is no longer serving you:

Let go of something…

  1. When it brings up bad memories.
  2. When alterations are too expensive to make it fit again.
  3. When something’s collecting dust for sitting in the closet for several seasons.
  4. When it doesn’t work for your current lifestyle or personal style.
  5. When the fabric is a mess (worn, faded, loose, or stretched out).
  6. When your shoes give you pain rather than comfort.
  7. When your sweaters have multiple holes in them.
  8. When the fabric drives you crazy the minute you put it on.
  9. When you realize you no longer like plaid and haven’t been a plaid person for five years.
  10. When a too-tight waistband, collar, or hem constantly distracts you.

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If your closet is a source of frustration, and the process of editing your entire wardrobe is too hard, I’m here to help.  Schedule a Consultation, and I’ll make the process easy and give you one less thing to worry about!

When to Let Go of Clutter, Clear the Clutter in Your Wardrobe, Conway Image Consulting, www.ConwayImageConsulting.com, #edityourwardrobe #cleartheclutter #conwayimageconsulting #imageconsulting

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