What to Wear: Summer Wedding Guide

What to Wear: Summer Wedding Guide

What to Wear Summer Wedding Guide

Last week I covered the “The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Guest Attire”. In case you missed it you can read it here. I’ve broken down what to wear for a summer wedding whether the invite says casual, semiformal, formal, or if it’s a destination beach wedding. And, some expert tips to help guide you as you make your decisions about your outfit.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding Guide


A casual daytime wedding typically requires less formal attire. Dressy separates, like a dress and top, less fussy fabric, like cotton or linen, and a fun floral or bright colored dress are all great options.  Try smaller heel sandals, flat sandals (not flip-flops), or a fun wedge.

what to wear summer wedding


Semiformal weddings typically take place in either the afternoon or evening.  A cocktail dress in a silky or flowy fabric with a simple style will work lovely.  An updo, bold lip, statement jewelry, or fancy heels are special ways to elevate your cocktail dress.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding


A formal evening wedding is a time to pull out your dressiest short-style or a floor-length gown.  It can also depend on the venue and location for the wedding.  You will see a mix of short and long dresses at these weddings.  When in doubt, you will always be safe with a longer dress.  If you opt for a short dress, make sure it ends at your knees.  Formal weddings are glamorous and very upscale, which means you should pull out your sparkly jewelry, embellished strappy heels, and fancy clutch.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding


If you are attending a destination wedding and it’s on a beach, make sure you pay attention to any details on the invite.  More than likely the attire will be more casual with an effortlessly chic feel.  Keep in mind the fabric. Chiffon is a great choice since it will not wrinkle in your suitcase.  The key is to look appropriate and also be dressed comfortable for the higher temps.  Flats decorated with beads or jewels and metallic wedge sandals are excellent options for your footwear.

What to Wear: Summer Wedding

Are you attending a wedding this summer?  Let me know in the comments or on Facebook if you have any questions about decoding the dress code.  Remember it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.  You can refresh yourself on the Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Guest Attire, here.

Here are a few more items that you can view and shop based on each dress code.  Click here or the image below!

What to Wear: Summer Wedding Shopping Ideas

Special occasion dressing is one of my specialties.  Contact me today to learn more – leann@conwayimageconsulting.  You can find out more about my special event styling here.

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