Time to Take Care of Yourself


Taking the time to take care of ourselves is something that we all seem to do less and less.  The truth is most often women feel guilty spending the time or money on themselves.  When in reality, we are doing ourselves a disservice by not taking care of ourselves.

The quickest way to reflect change and get positive feedback is to focus on improving your personal appearance.  By taking care of your outer self, you are nurturing the inner part of you and your whole self.  Soon you will find yourself feeling less neglected or resentful, and more confident, radiant, and beautiful.

Here are some ways you can get started:

  • Accept yourself where you are right now.  There are people who are great at this and can help you create a confident personal image.  Examples:  Hair Stylist,  Make-up Artist, Image & Wardrobe Consultants.
  • Start asking and get referrals.  It’s a safe way to get recommendations and begin your journey.
  • Start to mentally carve out time for yourself.  In order to say yes to yourself, you need to be prepared to say no to some things.  Guard your personal time – it’s precious time for you.
  • Make a first appointment.  Then weigh the next step suggestions and take another step.
  • Give yourself encouragement and celebrate.  Meet with a friend for happy hour or dinner.  And, when you receive compliments – remember to accept the compliment and say, “Thank you”.

An an Image and Wardrobe Consultant I’ve witnessed many people go through these transitions and have seen how it has impacted them in so many positive ways.  Not one of my clients has regretted taking that first step.  I can help you get started.  Plus, I have a great referral list of people that can help too!

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