Navigating Floral Prints

Floral prints used to pop up in spring, with pastels and bright colors.  The overall look was very sweet.   Now they have become a year-round choice for clothing and accessories.  Do you love floral prints?  Hate them?  Unsure how to wear them?

Navigating Floral Prints


Floral Prints – For Print Phobics:  If you prefer to wear solids, a great way to dip into prints is with your accessories.  Consider adding a floral scarf, belt, necklace, or shoe.  It will create some interest to a neutral ensemble, without being too cutesy.

Floral Prints – Choosing the Right Scale:  How do you choose the right floral print that will work for you?  Start with a scale that  mirrors your features.  If your features are small, choose a floral print that is small.  Or, if you have a mix of small and medium features, look for a mix of scale in the same floral print.  You can also consider your personality when choosing floral prints.  Someone with a larger than life personality will want to bump up the scale of the print to match their personality.  If you are more soft-spoken, choose smaller scaled prints.

Floral Prints – Weekend Wear:  Grab your favorite jeans and add a floral print cotton shirt or T-shirt.  Going out on a Saturday night?  Wear a streamlined ankle pant or skirt in a dressier fabric other than cotton.  Add a solid top and your favorite heels, and you’re ready to go.

Floral Prints –  Mixing Prints:  This is not for everyone, but when done right it looks fabulous!  Take a striped tee and add a floral print skirt (see in photo above).  Keep in mind the scale of the prints and colors.

Floral Prints – Add Drama to Your Entrance:  A floral print coat that is bold or bright, is a great option over casual outfits and dresses.

Still not convinced you can wear floral prints without looking too sweet?  Choose a floral in dark colors, with dark backgrounds.

For more floral inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board.

If you need assistance finding the right bloom for your unique style, I’d love to help you!

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