How to Care for Your Boots

How to Care for your Boots

How to Care for Your Boots

Fall and winter weather can be hard on your boots. Between rain, sleet, snow, and salt they get a ton of abuse. In order for your boots to last you through more than one season, you need to give them some TLC (tender leather care).

I’ve included a few tips for your leather and suede boots, ideas on storage, and what a cobbler can do for them.  Take the time for boot care, and they will stay in prime condition.



Leather Care Maintenance

  • Condition: Treat your boots to a cream conditioner. To be safe, test this in a small area with a soft rag.
  • Waterproof: It is imperative that leather is protected before it is worn to ensure that water cannot penetrate the porous leather surface.
  • Rescue: Snow and salt are not your boots friends. At all! Use a clean sponge or a cotton cloth to dab a white vinegar solution (70% water to 30% vinegar) onto leather or suede where the salt is located. Do a spot test first.
  • Dry: If you step into a puddle or pile of snow, no need to panic. Stuff your boots with paper (newspaper will do). Keep them away from heat.

Suede Care Maintenance

  • Seal the suede by lightly spraying over your booties a protective barrier every few months.
  • Do not store in boxes. Make sure you let your suede breathe.
  • If you have a stain on your boots, treat it as soon as possible. Use talcum powder or cornmeal.
  • Treat old stains with a cotton cloth and use the vinegar solution from above.

You can click on the image below or here to view and shop for some leather/suede care options.

How to Care for Your Boots - Leather Care


When you are not wearing your boots, how do you store them? There are a few options out there to help keep your boots in prime condition and ready for their next wear. I love to use boot shapers and have mine in our hall closet.  That way they are easy to grab, pull out the shapers and go. You can click on the image below or here to view and shop some other storage ideas.

How to Care for Your Boots - Storage Ideas

Here are a few no-cost DIY tips to keep your boots from falling over: Reuse two plastic water bottles, roll magazines, or cut foam pool noodles and insert them into the boot.


What can a cobbler do for your boots and you?  A lot!  Mine is a magician, I swear.  Here some main ideas on what a cobbler can do for your boots:

  1. Stretch them out
  2. Add Rubber soles
  3. Fix scuffs and heels (make them look like “new” again)
  4. Take boots in and out


How do you keep your boots in shape and lasting past one season?

Comment below and share your boot care tips!

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