How to Add Personal Style to Your Professional Wardrobe

How to Add Personal Style to Your Professional Wardrobe - Conway Image Consulting

Every workplace has a dress code, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your personal style to your “work uniform”. The key is to find clever and unique ways to inject your personality, while still being professional and polished.

Here are three ways on how to add personal style to your professional wardrobe:



Accessories are the easiest way to inject your personal style, without breaking the company’s dress code. Take out your favorite pieces and integrate them with your work outfits. One or two accessories can pull your entire look together. Depending on the item(s) you choose, they can add structure, elegance, flair, or a modern touch.

Accessories to consider adding:

  • Belts – Add over your jacket or cardigan to create a waist. Wear with your suits and dress pants to keep your look structured.
  • Jewelry – A statement necklace under a jacket or over a blouse. Layer your necklaces to create some dimension.
  • Cufflinks – Add color, texture, and/or a statement piece to your shirt and suit with cufflinks.
  • Pocket Square – A pocket square is a fun way to infuse color and pattern with a sportcoat or suit jacket.  You also can enjoy mixing different prints and patterns, with your jacket, shirt, and tie.
  • Scarfs – If your outfit is neutral, you can add a scarf in a print or color. Focus on colors that work with your personal coloring (hair, skin, and eyes).
  • Glasses –Frames can make you look approachable, professional, smart, and confident. Take advantage of the message they have to offer.
  • Watch – A classic timepiece never goes out of style.  A simple watch will offer more function for many occasions including formal events.

Make a list of the items that can add some interest and dimension to your professional outfits.


Neutral colors are the most prominent colors in the workplace – black, gray, khaki, white, and navy. There is no reason to restrict yourself to only wearing neutrals. Think about a color that you wear that always elicits compliments. If you don’t have this color in your wardrobe, find it in a blouse, scarf, necklace, dress, or tie. Shoes and jackets are another great way to infuse color into your wardrobe and let your personal style shine.

Color evokes a ton of emotion. For more tips on color:  How to Wear Color with Intention.

Statement Pieces

Wardrobe staples are an essential component to your work/personal wardrobe.  It’s also important to have a few pieces that take your look to the next level. Anytime the season changes, it’s a fabulous time to refresh your wardrobe and add a statement piece. These are the items that take your look to the next level.

Statement pieces are typically the first thing that people notice about you. Most of the time these are the items that people associate with your personal style. This might be a print you love that you wear in a jacket, shoe, or socks.

You can maintain a professional look while letting your personal style shine.  And, if you are working on developing or changing your personal style, here are some steps to help you with How to Find Your Signature Style.

How do you add your personal style to your professional wardrobe?

Do you need help developing your signature style and adding it to your professional wardrobe? I’d love to help you add a personal twist to your professional wardrobe! Check out my styling packages here or email me ( to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone call to get started!

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