5 Ways to Break Out of a Color Rut

5 Ways to Break Out of a Color Rut

5 Ways to Break Out of a Color Rut

Do you ever find yourself in a color rut when deciding what to wear in the morning?  It happens to everyone from time to time.  Maybe you gravitate towards pale colors or bright colors, dark ones or light ones, or all black.  New color combinations are fun and will bring excitement and interest to your outfits.

Here are some places to check for new ideas for color inspiration:


5 Ways to Get Out of a Color Rut
(Top L: Tile from vacation in Puerta Rico/Ritz Carlton Reserve, Top R: Art piece from Nordstrom Milwaukee, Middle R: Elle Decor Magazine, Bottom R: Flowers from visit at Denver Botanical Gardens, and Bottom L: Sherwin Williams paint lookbook.)


Not only is vacation amazing for your soul, but it’s also a great source for color inspiration.  Take a look at the architecture, the hotel lobby, and notice the color elements.  You may discover a subtle or bold palette that you love.


Take a walk through your garden (if you have one) or a local one and take note of the colors.  Each time the season changes, you will see more color combination ideas.


Whether it’s a print or a work of art at the museum, there is so much color inspiration to be found.  You can look online, in stores, or take a trip to your local museum.  Depending on the era you may find more subdued colors or bright and vibrant color palettes with abstract art.


If you have a subscription to a home magazine (if not, head to Barnes & Noble or Target), scan the pages and see what catches your eye.  There might be a fun combo or pattern mix that will catch your eye.


The next time you are at your local hardware store or Home Depot, stop by the paint section.  Look at how they display the different color cards.  Most brands also provide lookbooks that include how to incorporate paint colors into a room.  These provide a great source of inspiration to get a glimpse of what you could put together.


Color inspiration can be ten feet away from you. When you observe something you like, take a picture of them or rip out that page from a magazine.  You may already have these colors sitting in your closet waiting to be paired together.  Instead of wearing that same pair of pants with the same shirt, look at your inspiration piece and see if you can create a new ensemble.

What steps do you take to get yourself out of a color rut?  I’d love to hear.  Share your comments below!

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