5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

When you look at your wardrobe you may have some pieces that are outstanding, and other items that are outdated and tired. Take a closer look to see where some of these culprits live and get them out of your wardrobe.  If your wardrobe is working fabulous for you, check to see if any of these tips could take your image to the next level.

Here are 5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe:


Take a look at your t-shirts, finer knits, socks, and tights.  Replace any items that are see-through, too short (been through the dryer a ton of times), stretched out, or have holes.  Updating your staples will instantly refresh your wardrobe.


Accessories are a great way to elevate your look and pull your outfit together.  If you are looking to add some interest to your outfit add a printed scarf, a signature-draping necklace, fun cufflinks, patterned socks, or an interesting detailed belt.  These are all great ways to break up the simplicity of an outfit.


If you want to dip your toe into color, the best way is through accessories.  Add some color in gloves, brooches, ties, a purse or shoes.  If you’re wearing a neutral-colored cardigan, wear a bold-colored blouse underneath.  Instead of wearing a neutral colored button down under a blazer or sport coat, choose a complimentary colored option shirt or sweater.  If you tend to shy away from color and focus on just neutrals, go for textures.  Look for ruffles, lace, cable knit, or pleating details. (For more tips – check out How to Wear Color with Intention.)


No jean should have an elastic waistband (unless you are pregnant).  If your jeans do not have belt loops, a zipper, or front pockets, they are impostors.  If the waist or rear is saggy, tight or loose, it’s time to replace or get them tailored.  Try different styles on and find ones that compliment your shape.  (For more tips – check out Tips to Find the Perfect Jeans.)


Are your feet getting the attention they deserve?  There are so many shoe options out there, other than tennis shoes that are stylish and comfortable.  Shoe designers have created flats, heels, and boots that feel nearly as comfy as your favorite pair of sneakers.  It’s key to have an equally great pair of shoes/boots that matches the fabulous outfit you are wearing.

Small tweaks to your wardrobe can elevate your overall look and impact the image that you are projecting.  Have you made any updates to your wardrobe lately?

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