5 Tips for Outfit Inspiration

5 Tips for Outfit Inspiration

5 Tips for Outfit Inspiration


Everyone loses interest in their wardrobe from time to time. What’s the first thing you do when this happens? Instead of heading to the mall or a boutique to make a purchase, take a step back and use these tips to see things differently for some outfit inspiration.



If you haven’t been on Pinterest, it’s a great time to check it out. You’ll find all kinds of inspiration on this site. Sometimes too much!  The best way to get started is to use the search function. If you need inspiration on a specific item or you are curious about a new trend/style, type it in the search box.

I’ve got you covered with tons of outfit inspiration on my Pinterest page.  You can check out Conway Image Consulting’s page by clicking here. 

Pinterest outfit inspiration



Create a collage that captures inspirational or aspirational images. Leaf through the pages of catalogs and magazines. Pull out images that catch your eye. Choose images of colors, textures, patterns, or details that you love. Get a large poster board and arrange the images in a way that’s pleasing to you. Put your collage where you can see it, preferably in your closet. You’d be surprised how soon you’ll notice something or create an outfit that is a direct result of doing this exercise.

If you’re looking to go further with your personal style, check out this blog post:  How to Create a Personal Style Mood Board.

create a collage for outfit inspiration



If collages aren’t your thing, but you like working with images, consider putting your torn pages into an art portfolio or a binder.  They might inspire you as you view your wardrobe or get you excited to make your next smart fashion investment.

Magazine Clippings for outfit inspiration



Lots of skill and talent goes into creating captivating store windows and in-store displays. It’s fun to see how they’re showing current styles and fashion. You might not love it all but use this opportunity to train your eye to see fashion in a new way. It often takes some time experiencing new things visually before we’re ready to try them physically.


layered fall outfit inspiration



Fashion books are a great resource of style inspiration. Head to your favorite local bookstore and check out the fashion section.  You could choose books on specific designers, street fashion, style for your age group, or fashion in cities around the world.

style book inspiration

Here are a few other ways you can look for tips on outfit creation:  Travel, being out in nature, head to the streets and different neighborhoods, or go to a museum.  By picking one or a few of these items, you’re training your eye to new things and opening up to new ideas.  Don’t forget to bring these lessons back to your closet and start creating some fun outfits!

What is your favorite way to get outfit inspiration?

Comment below, I’d love to hear!

And, if you need any assistance, I’d love to help you see the beauty in your wardrobe.  Give me a call, and we’ll get started!





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