4 Ways to Mix & Match Patterns by Conway Image Consulting

4 Ways to Mix & Match Your Patterns

4 Ways to Mix & Match Patterns by Conway Image Consulting


Today’s blog post is dedicated to a request from a childhood friend of mine. If you enjoy wearing patterns, and I know some of you do – this is for you. Or, if you prefer to keep your patterns with your accessories, there is a little something in here for you, too.

Adding patterns to your outfit is one way to add visual interest. Mixing your patterns will take your outfit to the next level.  It also allows you to maximize your outfit combinations and have fun!

Here are 4 Ways to Mix & Match Your Patterns:


Accessories are a great way to add prints into your outfit equation. You also might want to consider this if you want to try a print trend. Since you might be dipping your toe into mixing patterns, make sure they fall under a similar color palette.

Bonus Tip: Pair a printed scarf with a printed skirt/top. It will add interest, but you can still feel confident when you leave the house.  Another great way to try this is by having a solid colored top and bottom, and then add a patterned scarf and shoes (similar to the image).

Mix & Match Patterns - Start with Accessories


Match Colors, Not Prints

This will help blend your look because there is something in common among the patterns. If the colors look great together, more than likely the prints will look great too.

Bonus Tips: Stripes are the easiest way to mix prints. Most people have stripes in their wardrobe – it’s a classic print. They look great with: florals, tropicals, dots, different stripes, checks, graphics, and animal prints.

Mix & Match Patterns Match Colors Not Prints #2


Same Print, Different Scale

If both prints are too small or too large it can be very jarring.  To add just the right amount of balance, make sure one print is small and the other one is larger.

Bonus Tips: The easiest way to try this option is with black and white.

Mix & Match Patterns - Same Print, Different Scale


Choose Combos with 1 or 2 Common Colors

If you are looking to combine two different patterns, make sure that they share one or two common colors.  This will help your look stay consistent and tie the patterns together.

Bonus Tips: Add simple, neutral jewelry and shoes to this look.

Mix & Match Patterns - 1 or 2  Common Colors


Additional Tips:

  • Break up your look with solids. Layer in some solid-colored clothing items and accessories to ground your look.
  • Wear your bold prints where you want to accentuate and draw attention.
  • Keep your silhouette simple (make sure your clothes fit you well) – to avoid your look from getting overwhelming.

For more pattern mixing inspiration, check out my “Mixing Prints & Patterns” Board on Pinterest.  


Conway Image Consulting - Mixing Prints & Patterns


Get creative and have fun mixing your prints and patterns. Do you have a favorite pattern combo?

If you need any assistance, I would love to help you – my Shop Your Closet service is the perfect solution!


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