10 Ways to Energize and Love Your Wardrobe

10 Ways to Energize and Love Your Wardrobe


10 Ways to Energize and Love Your Wardrobe

How do you feel when you stand in front of your closet, staring at your wardrobe? Can you imagine having a wardrobe of pieces you love and wearing them on a regular basis? You can!  I’ve put together 10 ways to energize your wardrobe, to help turn it around.  You can download the complimentary checklist to keep you on task, too!

Here’s a heads up: You may need to develop some new habits, make a few edits, or add a few pieces to your wardrobe, but I know you’re up to it! These 10 ways to energize and love your wardrobe will move you closer to having a fully functioning wardrobe that you love and that loves you back.


1. Pull out some pieces you’re fond of but haven’t been wearing. Put them in the front of your closet, and put together outfits to wear with these items. Now your set for the week.

2. Edit out the items you no longer love or that serve you.

3. Put shoe trees inside your favorite shoes as soon as you take them off at the end of the day. Shoe trees will preserve the shape of your shoes and extend the life of them.

4. Remove worn out items. If something looks yellowed, dingy, or worn past repair, remove it from your closet so your favorite pieces come into focus.

5. Hang up your clothes at the end of the day instead of leaving them in a pile on a chair (or the floor). You’ll save on washing and sending items to the dry cleaner with this simple step.

6. Remove items that are uncomfortable. It’s easy to love a garment that feels good. It may be time to edit any items in your closet that are scratchy or uncomfortable.

7. Revive your leather accessories. If you have a favorite shoe, boot, belt or handbag that’s showing wear, take it to a professional who will bring it back to life.

8. Remove the plastic from your dry cleaned items as soon as you get them home. And, recycle those wire hangers (bring them back to the dry cleaner). Your clothes will last longer if you do!

9. Take out all your jewelry and check for tarnished silver accessories that you aren’t using, polish them up so you reach for them more often, necklaces and bracelets that have broken clasps – fix them or ditch them, replace any missing earring backs so they are ready to be worn, untangle any necklaces and store them so they can be easily added to any outfit, and remove any items that don’t spark any excitement for you anymore.

10. Remove items from your closet that could benefit from some tailoring or need a “fix” to get them into your outfit rotation.

What do you think about the list?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you made it through all 10 steps.  Comment below.

If you look in your closet and see items that aren’t uplifting, nor inspiring, let’s talk. I can help you create a wardrobe that fits your needs so you’ll be loving everything you wear!

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