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10 Wardrobe Pieces for Bridging the Transition to Fall

Another fall season ushered in this past Saturday.  Are you ready with your wardrobe pieces for bridging the transition to fall?   Or, are you still clinging on to summer?

The calendar month implies cold weather is upon us, but when you look at the temperature gauge, it says, “Not so fast!” Waiting for the weather to match the season implies a need for fashion patience, but that tank could already be empty! When the weather isn’t in synch with the season, it can bring challenges to getting dressed.

To help you manage this awkward time, here are ten wardrobe pieces for bridging the transition to fall.

10 Wardrobe Pieces for Bridging the Transition to Fall



Scarves are the perfect accessory to add color or pattern that speak about fall. If you are looking to add a new scarf, this season the colors are a little more exciting than usual. There are bold autumnal hues, complemented by unexpected brighter and lighter colors. Isolate the scarves in your collection and pick the ones that are more fall than summer. If by midday it’s too hot to wear it, take it off and put in on the handles of your handbag.


Pull out your fall belts. If you belt your jeans, pants or dresses, put away the canvas or rope belts and start wearing the belts you enjoy in fall. Richer warm tones like whiskey, cognac, or brandy, in leather or faux leather, and of course animal prints!


Booties are fun to bring out in early fall. Perforated booties are perfect for now because the style says fall, but the perforation gives you air circulation while still being barefoot. Wear them with skirts, dresses, jeans or pants. Use socks or tights to add color and pattern and to control the amount of warmth you need.


Yes, I know I’m highlighting a color. And, if white is not your best color, it might be off-white or ivory. White can still live in your wardrobe in the fall.  It’s always about the fabric vs. the color.  For example, put away anything that is linen, eyelet, or seersucker.  My absolute favorite white piece – jeans!


Wear a layering tank to cut the chill. When you need a little something extra to cut the morning chill, start with a tank in a silk or polyester blend. Then add your shirts, blouses, or lightweight sweaters in fall like colors.


Silk blend or cotton sweaters with short-sleeves or ¾ sleeves are perfect this time of the year. And, if the temps start to drop more pull out your long-sleeved sweaters in muted or neutral tones. They’re lighter weight and pair nicely under a jacket.


Check out your summer print dresses. Do any of them have a dark background like black, charcoal, gray, navy, or olive? If so, layer a complimentary top, cardigan or blazer and ditch your sandals and opt for a heel or bootie.


The quilted vest is a great fashion item for fall and winter. You can add it to most items (well, not a suit) for extra warmth. It also will pair nicely over jackets and blazers as the weather gets colder.


Make use of your darker neutral colored pants. If you like more color, merlot, berry, olive green, or a printed plaid trouser are all excellent choices, while still blending into the color palette of fall.


Pull out your medium to dark wash and black denim. Team them up with your perforated booties and show some ankle.  Keep out your medium to dark jean jackets as well.

What are your favorite wardrobe pieces to wear during this transitional time?

Do you need help sorting out how to dress for this transitional season? The first step is a Wardrobe Audit. I’ll help you get your wardrobe working just right for you all year long. Email me at leann@conwayimageconsulting to set-up a call to get started!


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