10 Tips to Tune-up Your Wardrobe

CIC Blog Post 10 tips to tuneup your wardrobe


Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your wardrobe as we approach a must needed season change.  Take some time to care for your winter items before you put them into storage and inspect your spring wardrobe to get it ready for the coming season.

Before you pack your winter items away:

  • Inspect your boots and make repairs before shoving them into a corner of your closet or  back into a storage box. You will be so happy when you pull them out in fall.
  • Check any shoes or heels that you wore during the winter months.  Take them to the cobbler for repairs or replace them if they were damaged.
  • Clean your wool sweaters before storing them away.
  • Check your coats for torn lining, missing, or broken buttons.  Take the time to get these     items cleaned so they are ready for fall/winter.    Don’t forget to check your mittens, gloves, and scarves – have them repaired (if needed) and cleaned.

Before you dive into your spring wardrobe:

  • Check your spring handbags and clutches.  Look at the handles and corners to see if they are worn.  Consider re-dying them.
  • Go through your sunglasses. Are you in need of a new up-to-date pair or new prescription sunglasses?  Make an appointment or head out to do some shopping.
  • Pull out your summer flats and sandals.  Let go of any pairs that have seen better days.  Make a list of any items that need replacing and add them to your shopping list.

What to do right now:

  • Assess your jewelry – earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Check for broken clasps, loose stones, missing faux/real stones, batteries that need to be replaced, and silver that needs to be polished.
  • Time to go through your underwear.  If your weight has fluctuated up or down, it’s time to purchase some new items. Schedule a bra fitting to make sure you are wearing the correct size.  Throw out any bras that have worn out elastic, wire poking out, or stains from perspiration marks.  Check the elastic on your panties and shapers.  Men – Check the elastic on your boxers and briefs.  Throw out any undershirts that have perspiration stains in the armpits.
  • Go through your makeup and throw out any expired products.  If you recently changed your hair color, there’s a chance some of your products will not work with your coloring.

Once you have tackled your to-do list it’s time to pull out your spring/summer clothes and review every item.  As you go through your closet, here are 5 Questions to Assess Your Wardrobe .

Do you need assistance with the seasonal transition?  There’s so much to be excited about this spring.  Let me help you transition your wardrobe and get you ready to look your best.

Contact me for a complimentary phone conversation and to schedule your session!

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