10 Signs Your Wardrobe is in Great Shape

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How do you feel about your wardrobe these days?  Use this checklist and see how many of these apply to your wardrobe.

  1. Virtually everything is visible when you open your closet.  Nothing is hidden away.
  2. All hangers are the same color, design, and facing the same way.  This does not include metal/dry-clean hangers.
  3. Clothing is organized in a manner that makes getting ready easy and effortless.
  4. All the clothes in your closet are in colors that flatter you and make you look vibrant.
  5. Everything in your closet fits you.  You might have some items that are within a five-pound fluctuation.
  6. Shoes are in great condition and on shoe racks or labeled in boxes.
  7. Accessories are easy to grab and organized in your closet or on a dresser.
  8. Handbags are organized on a shelf or hung on a rack.  Stuffing is kept inside of them to keep their original shape.
  9. Your Dry-cleaning, alterations, and shoe/handbag repairs are dropped off and you will be picking them up this week.
  10. You have a fully functional wardrobe, that makes you feel happy and fabulous.


After going through this checklist, is your wardrobe in great shape?


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